FIA Invitations To Tender

New invitations to tender will be announced by posting them on this website.

Interested parties are therefore encouraged to check this website regularely for announcements of any new invitation to tender. As a complementary service, the FIA will endeavour (but accepts no application and does not guarantee to do so) to send an e-mail to interested parties notifying them of new invitations to tender in areas of interest to them.

 Audiovisual rights  
 Brake friction materials  
 Brake system  
 Championship Promoter  
 Control software  
 Dash display  
 Data Acquisition Systems  
 Engines and Power Transmission Systems  
 FIA Championships Database  
 Front fairing mounting kit  
 Fuel Amendment/Erratum Ongoing  
 Fuel Flow Meters Amendment/Erratum Ongoing  
 Fuel System Components  
 Karts Amendment/Erratum Ongoing  
 Overalls and Clothes  
 Paddle Shift System  
 Pit stop equipment  
 Racing Car  
 Sensors Amendment/Erratum Ongoing  
 Skid Block Material  
 Tyres Amendment/Erratum Ongoing  
 Wheel rims  
 battery and powertrain  
 cars maintenance and organisation  
 charging power and charging infrastructure  
 Tyre-warming Blanket  

  The FIA Legal Department

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